Saturday, November 27, 2010

Skyline Review

I stayed home today (two-day week ftw), and I was like, ‘I feel like watchin a movie’. So I saw Skyline.
Um. This movie wasn’t that good. Imagine the Hurt Locker, except with aliens. The sound, the feeling, etc. Oh, and Quarantine because
They’re like. Trapped in a building. Cause there’s a shitload of aliens outside waiting for them. This movie sucks out every bit of hope from you. You’re like ‘God, they’re FUCKED’. No water, power, chance of survival against 300ft monsters.. But then it brings back the hope. The military air force comes in like YO, and they’re flyin around, all badass-like. They nuke the biggest one, and errbody’s like :D But then the big alien regenerates itself, even more pissed off, aaaand yeah. Its either they leave the builiding and the aliens kill them, or the radiation does. THEN, more military niggas come in (helicopter drops off two guys with barrett .50 cals), so the main guy thought they were saved. But the alien massacres the army guys. So they’re back to being fucked. Then a mini alien comes and attacks the main couple, guy goes hand to hand with the alien, kicks its ass, then they both accept their fate and get abducted. And they were kissing while floating up to the ship. How FUCKING romantic. The movie leaves you with the biggest hook ending. It pissed me off.
Oh and this asshole thought he was cool, cause he knew he was gonna die (face to face with big alien), and had a cigarette in his mouth. So he gets his lighter to light it up all epicly before he dies.. And IT HAS NO GAS. Fail.
Anyways. 3/5. Whatever.


  1. Perhaps I should give it a go, sounds like an okay movie :)

  2. lol 3/5 was thinkin of seen that no thanks

  3. I've heard its shit, thanks for the more detailed reasons why. God damn Turk, God damn him!

  4. Haven't heard good reviews... think im gonna skip this one

  5. Heard it was crap, don't want to read spoilers, I'll just watch it later from redbox.

  6. I only had a two-day week last week too!