Monday, November 29, 2010

Our eyes are never closed

Our eyeballs are always seeing.
When we’re going to sleep, we just see the inside of our eyelids. Its dark, cause there’s no nightlite in them. But that would be pretty cool.
And for some reason, it doesnt hurt our eyes. So pretty much, we’re like O_____O when we sleep. But like.. with blinds over our eyes. lol.
So are we really going to sleep, or are we boring our selves to sleep by staring at the inside of our eyelids for a few minutes?


  1. We are resting our thoughts and down-shifting into first gear of thought process, where our sense of vision is diluted by the sense of reality that still exists in out head.

    For introverted people, a new thought process of a recollection of the past several hours may begin, and cause the vision sense to be almost fully exterminated, causing us to slip into a silent but visionary retreat.

    Extroverts might follow the vision path of dwindlement, into the dark blank abyss of night-time.


  2. i hear cats do some crazy shiat with their eyes when they sleep. i know because i bother my cat when she's sleeping :D

  3. I always wondered if one would be able to sleep if he had no eyelids. And how does the Invisible man do it? O_o

  4. If you have eye floaters you can see them when you close your eyes