Monday, November 29, 2010

Our eyes are never closed

Our eyeballs are always seeing.
When we’re going to sleep, we just see the inside of our eyelids. Its dark, cause there’s no nightlite in them. But that would be pretty cool.
And for some reason, it doesnt hurt our eyes. So pretty much, we’re like O_____O when we sleep. But like.. with blinds over our eyes. lol.
So are we really going to sleep, or are we boring our selves to sleep by staring at the inside of our eyelids for a few minutes?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Skyline Review

I stayed home today (two-day week ftw), and I was like, ‘I feel like watchin a movie’. So I saw Skyline.
Um. This movie wasn’t that good. Imagine the Hurt Locker, except with aliens. The sound, the feeling, etc. Oh, and Quarantine because
They’re like. Trapped in a building. Cause there’s a shitload of aliens outside waiting for them. This movie sucks out every bit of hope from you. You’re like ‘God, they’re FUCKED’. No water, power, chance of survival against 300ft monsters.. But then it brings back the hope. The military air force comes in like YO, and they’re flyin around, all badass-like. They nuke the biggest one, and errbody’s like :D But then the big alien regenerates itself, even more pissed off, aaaand yeah. Its either they leave the builiding and the aliens kill them, or the radiation does. THEN, more military niggas come in (helicopter drops off two guys with barrett .50 cals), so the main guy thought they were saved. But the alien massacres the army guys. So they’re back to being fucked. Then a mini alien comes and attacks the main couple, guy goes hand to hand with the alien, kicks its ass, then they both accept their fate and get abducted. And they were kissing while floating up to the ship. How FUCKING romantic. The movie leaves you with the biggest hook ending. It pissed me off.
Oh and this asshole thought he was cool, cause he knew he was gonna die (face to face with big alien), and had a cigarette in his mouth. So he gets his lighter to light it up all epicly before he dies.. And IT HAS NO GAS. Fail.
Anyways. 3/5. Whatever.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank you apple.

Finally after TWO MONTHS. My free case for my iphone 4 came.(Speck Pixelskin HD)
I am now a happy camper! :D


Im not gonna do a review but overall, its a pretty solid game. I like it.
The multiplayer is the funnest thing ever and the campaign is pretty good (but stressful on legendary)
Definitely worth a buy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hey Guys

I've been extremelly busy with school and.. REACH!
I'll update more as soon as a i can, heres a new video!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Its time to call it quits

Hey sorry for the lack of updates i've been really busy, but heres a new video from the folks at Ninsaru

Its a good one!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good website where you can find everything you need for cheap.. from china.

Unless you already know this i highly suggest going to
They're loaded with cheap products that people would normally sell for a high price. They sell HDMIs for 5 bucks. Pretty cool stuff.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Shoot 'Em Up Movie Review

The main character kills a guy by shoving a carrot through a guys mouth, and thats in the first 5 minutes. I think thats enough to go see this movie. Bad Assery ensues.

Jelly Bands

I just discovered what they are and what they mean, Its pretty crazy stuff.
Colored Jelly Bracelets Meanings
Black - the wearer will have regular "missionary" sex
Blue - indicates oral sex performed on a guy
Clear - indicates a willingness to do anything the snapper wants
Green - indicates that oral sex can be performed on a girl
Glittery Blue - is willing to perform anal sex
Glittery Clear - wearer will let the snappee "feel up" or touch any body part
Glittery Green - the wearer is willing to "69"
Glittery Pink - willing to "flash" a body part
Glittery Purple - willing to French kiss
Glittery Yellow - indicates kissing and hugging is acceptable
Yellow - wearer is willing to hug
Pink - wearer is willing to give a hickey
Orange - wearer is willing to kiss
Purple - wearer is willing to kiss a partner of either sex
Red - wearer is willing to perform a lap dance
White - wearer will flash what they have

Read more:

I ask you followers, which colors have you gotten?

Lights Out - Rick Astley

Am I the only one who is addicted to this song? Its frickin' awesome!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Year..

We had to write an essay about a person who influences you the most.

I chose Michael J Fox and i said all hes doing for parkinsons

Guess who got an A? Boom

Easy Xbox Live lulz

Okay you know how much you HATE when you get a message saying theres a tenth prestige lobby.

One day I decided it would be fun to fuck with some of my friends and send a message to all my recent players saying "Free tenth prestige lobby, just message my friend ____________"

They will be bombarded with messages and you will get a laugh.

How long can you last

This is dreadful

Assasins Creed Brotherhood

I dont get it, is it like a multiplayer expansion or an actual new game?

From the Ninsaru kids

Check it, one of my favorite skits from them


If all of my followers can do me a favor and subscribe to my buds.

They make some somewhat decent skits. If you subscribe im sure they'll be more motivated to do  more better ones.


Black Ops

My personal input on it? I think its gonna be freakin awesome.

But I personally think they put too much additions to it, its not going to feel like a Call of Duty game.

They added customization up the arse. Thats great and all but they added a lot more too.

Now theres points that you use to buy stuff, wtf is that? Thats pointless. Just give us good ol' leveling and we'll be fine.

We just gotta see how it goes.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dead Rising Case Zero Review

For 400 Microsoft points, is it really worth it? You bet your cheap spending ass it is.

You play as the protagonist of Dead Rising 2, Chuck. You arrive in the small town of Still Creek(i think, im bad at remembering locations) with your daughter, Sally or some shit. So anyway you go to a gas station start putting some gas and stuff, and then you go somewhere or some shit and aww shit that motha fucka took your zombrex that you need to keep you baby daughter un-zombiefied. So how the hell you funna get dat shit? Well causing havok in the town of course. You come across some survivors and an annoying ass boss. What do I think? Well its a nice little treat to get you ready for the new game and the improvements are pretty fucking good. They fixed the save system!

Story gets a 7 cause it really didn't tell jack shit
Graphics gets a 8 1/2 cause the fps gets jacked up at times
Sound gets a whatever cause i dont give a flying fuck about it

So im gonna give this one an 8 and hopefully the new game is better

To start things off

Im not really a good blogger, but i'll give this a shot.

Mega64 are my idols

Hello World

This is my blog o' adventures. Ill post random stuff that may interest you.