Saturday, February 19, 2011


A great program, much better than FL Studio, I got it and its great. MUCH better.

Everything is fucking dubstep

Dear prettymucheveryoneontumblrandfacebook,
Do you really like dubstep, or do you just ‘like’ it cause everybody else does?
To be honest, I don’t even like a lot of dubstep. The only kind that catches my attention is like FILTHY ass dubstep, like. Satan-got-deaf-psychopaths-to-make-music filthy.( , and ambient dubstep. Like, all dubstep is the same. Barely any songs are that memorable. Its pretty much recording the audio of transformers having sex and putting a fat ass beat with it. I remember when it used to be shitting bricks over breakdowns, but now its shitting castles over drops. So yeah, I can tell when people ‘like’ dubstep. I respect my nigga Kevin cause he said straight up he just doesn’t like dubstep lol. Why can’t everyone be straight up? Or an INDIVIDUAL.