Monday, September 6, 2010

Jelly Bands

I just discovered what they are and what they mean, Its pretty crazy stuff.
Colored Jelly Bracelets Meanings
Black - the wearer will have regular "missionary" sex
Blue - indicates oral sex performed on a guy
Clear - indicates a willingness to do anything the snapper wants
Green - indicates that oral sex can be performed on a girl
Glittery Blue - is willing to perform anal sex
Glittery Clear - wearer will let the snappee "feel up" or touch any body part
Glittery Green - the wearer is willing to "69"
Glittery Pink - willing to "flash" a body part
Glittery Purple - willing to French kiss
Glittery Yellow - indicates kissing and hugging is acceptable
Yellow - wearer is willing to hug
Pink - wearer is willing to give a hickey
Orange - wearer is willing to kiss
Purple - wearer is willing to kiss a partner of either sex
Red - wearer is willing to perform a lap dance
White - wearer will flash what they have

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I ask you followers, which colors have you gotten?


  1. theyre pretty

  2. I had no idea, I thought they just were for kicks...

  3. supporting!!

  4. people who wear black jellies are disgusting.. just NASTY

  5. heheh...yes, I know these well. You can get yourself into quite the pickle if you don't...

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